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Upgrade to the latest Angular version was done for the frontend of "General Management"

dimanche, 19-12-2021

The frontend of the management web application has now the latest “Angular” version 13. The dependencies for this project were updated to this latest version as well.

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Javax.Mail - How to send emails in Java

This tutorial will teach you how to create and send e-mails in a Java application. 

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[ECMAScript 2021] - La fonction Promise.any() expliquée

This function is part of promises, which allow asynchronous programming. This function "Promise.any()" is used to return the value of promise as soon as one of the used promises are resolved.

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JSF - Run functions and exchange data without reloading the complete page

You can use AJAX which allows you with the help of HTTPXMLObject and JavaScript to send data from the client to the server without the need to recreate the complete page.

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Lever et coucher du soleil



Une instance Etherpad, qui fournit une textpad,
qui peut être partagé en direct avec d'autres utilisateurs.
Cela permet de travailler ensemble sur le même fichier texte,
qui sera synchronisés en direct.

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