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A list of articles about this website, my projects and my hobbies. I write news and information about IT related and non-IT related stuff. If you have questions feel free to contact me.

Source code release of my data managment web application "Haushaltsverwaltung"

This web application "Haushaltsverwaltung" which is written in Java and uses JSF, Bootstrap and Primefaces allows you to manage all your personal information. You can track your earnings and spendings. But you can also save information about your books, videos, music, belongings and much more. Haushaltsverwaltung does also analyze your expenses and display you how much you spend on a regular bases (monthly and yearly). The application does also display charts and graphs to make it for you easier to understand your expenses, earnings, etc. Why is this application better than other existing data managment applications (personal finance software, book
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New application BMI Tracker released

I started a while ago to teach myself Python through books, websites and videos. The popular programming language caught my interest because it can be used in web development, software development, data science and more. I also liked the variety of libraries and frameworks that can be used with Python. After I got basic skills in Python, I decided to create my first production software program in Python with the help of PyQt. I used PyQt designer to create the GUI for my application. Basic skills in PyQt were needed but that was not a problem. BMI Tracker The application that
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