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Arrays in Java

An array is a data structure which stores a fixed-size sequential collection of elements of the same type. An array can be accessed by an index. Example: numbers[2], numbers[3],...
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Inheritance in Java

In Java you can make classes inherit properties(methods, variables, etc.) of another class. Classes that inherit properties are called sub classes (child classes) and classes that are inherited from are called superclasses. A subclass can only inherit one superclass.
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How to distribute python applications

Convert Python applications to an executable program. (Such as exe Windows, dmg Mac, rpm Linux). This tutorial uses pyinstaller to create an executable for your Python application and allow to distribute your Python application more easily. If you use Pyinstaller then you do not need to have an python installer installed to run the created exe. Pyinstaller If you do want an alternative which has also an included Python interpreter, optimized executable file size and more advanced features, then you can also use "Cx_freeze", which is discussed below in an own part of this tutorial. Install pyinstaller (creates standalone executables
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All tutorials related to Linux. Linux server administration, Linux security and more.    
All Tutorials related to FreeBSD. These are a little bit similar to other BSD-like distributions.        
Tutorials and information about everything related to the programming language Python.    
Everything related to the programming language Javascript and frameworks for Javascript.    
All tutorials and information related to Java, JSF and frameworks that are used in Java programming.    
Everything about programming in Android. Create your own smartphone app with Android.    
Web development stacks and programming languages (for example: MEAN, Angular, etc.), HTML and CSS.  
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